The Queen Charlotte Track is located in Marlborough, New Zealand at the north Eastern tip of the country's south island. The 70km long track stretches from the historic Meretoto/Ship Cove in the north, all the way down to Anakiwa in the south, nestled in the Grove Arm of Queen Charlotte Sound.

Making you way along the track, you will find yourself surrounded by rich and healthy native bushland, with incredible views of impeccable white sand beaches, and the sapphire blue ocean. The elevation is highly varied, ranging from zero metres, to 470 metres at the Ridgeline near Bay of Many Coves Resort

The setting of the Queen Charlotte Track is an amazingly unique and highly diverse coastal environment, with plentiful vegetation of many varieties growing strong along the track. Witnessing the coexistence of so many plant species, from subtropical rainforest to pasture lands on their way to full regeneration provides a special look into the workings of the country's native bush ecosystem. 

You'll find the absolute best examples of untouched forestry in the Marlborough Sounds up near Ship Cove in the north, where many of the tallest trees are said to have been mature 250 years ago when Captain Cook first visited the land. Some sections of the track is land which has been farmed and is reflowering back towards its former glory, boasting kanuka and manuka trees, and the majestic tutukiwi, a native and rare green hooded orchid. 

Keep your eyes open to insure you catch a glimpse of the wildlife too! The Queen CharlotteTrack is visited by dolphins, penguins, albatross and other seabirds, as well as fur seals. Find New Zealand's flightless bird, the weka plodding along the trail, as well as sleek grey warblers, and the kereru, New Zealand's native pigeon. The Queen Charlotte Track is certainly placed amongst a wonderland of nature, where so much beauty collides.