The Queen Charlotte Track is well loved for hiking and cycling, but another fun activity you can do in this area is kayaking in the Queen Charlotte Sound. Pick up your paddle and breath in the fresh air because this is an adventure you don't want to miss. The calm waters are a perfect blue.

Enjoy the sun sparkling off the surface, and keep an eye out for marine life because there are many who frequent the area or call it home. Everyday all year round is suitable for kayaking in Queen Charlotte Sound. Any day, you possess a very good chance to see sting rays and eagle rays, a large variety of sea birds such as cormorants and sometimes even small blue penguins, seals, giant starfish and dolphins where 4 different types have been spotted here. Skip the boat traffic, and the hustle and bustle you may experience on other kayaking trips. The Queen Charlotte Sound is a glimpse into a whole new world or tranquility, and the most beautiful bays and coves, sights that will stay with you well after the trip is over.

Also like with hiking and cycling the Queen Charlotte Track, you can choose to go on a guided or self-guided kayaking adventure. We offer both kinds of packages, as it is very much a personal decision. With a guide, they will be there to share information and answer questions about the area, and ensure you are having the best time possible. Alternatively, you can have a fabulous time kayaking independently, and discovering the wonders of the Queen Charlotte Sound yourself. 

Kayaking is also a great way to mix it up during your stay near the Queen Charlotte Track. For example, you may not want to walk the whole track. Onlyluxe has a fun trio adventure package where you get to walk, cycle, and kayak. Additionally, Onlyluxe is happy to offer bespoke trips, tailored just for you. If you would like to discuss that, please enquire via