How you walk the Queen Charlotte Track is definitely up to personal preference if you would like a guided or self-guided walking experience. Both kinds of packages are available and are both luxury memories waiting to happen although you might be a person that wants to hear about the history or have particular species of plants pointed out to you by a professional. On the other hand, you may just prefer to just get moving and take it all in, or alternatively do your own research on what interests you about the track. Here are some of the perks for each selection to help you decide. 

In a guided tour, you will have all day access to a seasoned local expert. Walk along peacefully as you learn the history of the Queen Charlotte Track, of the lands with its abundance of plant life and wildlife. If not missing a single detail is important to you, having a guide along to point out the nuances of the surroundings, and special sights you may not have initially noticed is a valuable asset. Having someone who knows the land leading the way can be very relieving for some guests, and they will have plenty of stories to share with you and keep in your heart long after the holiday is over.

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On the other hand, you may like to organise your own hike. You may appreciate having the details of your accomodation and food all sorted out, but crave to check out the Queen Charlotte Track and all of its beauty at your own pace. Walking through an unfamiliar area can be exhilarating, and some guests enjoy making their way through the sections with just the company of their travel companions. If you are interested in the location’s history, you may want to do your own research beforehand, and see what spot for yourself. You might find yourself wanting to peel off and just enjoy being amongst the quiet of nature, appreciating the track for its beauty without the full backstory.

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Onlyluxe Travel offers over a dozen packages that incorporate the world-famous Queen Charlotte Track. They vary in terms of accomodation type, the length of the trip, and as discussed above, whether you would like a guided or self-guided option.

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Please also note that we at Onlyluxe pride ourselves in delivering bespoke holiday options. Contact us via if you are wanting a Queen Charlotte Track trip, tailored just for you.